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A brief.
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InterConsult21 International Consultant 21 Century

We invite you to join our integrated Concept.

Our vision is to:

- move your Company to new frontiers,
- present your Company in all your geographic marketing segments,
- access your info from the entire World,
- highlight your unique features that attracts potential businesses and clients.

The brief is in four parts.

Part One I.   Who Is Who In the "Who Is Who" a summary of our VUCCC is introduced.
VUCCC stands for:  Visibility, Uniqueness, Consultancy, Contact and Contract.
II.  Legal Status Registration in Denmark
III. Authentication Black Listed Online Companies
Part Two How to join our Concept Subscription Form
Part Three Options I, II I. Intensive Marketing for Businesses
II. Real Services at Cities.
Part Four Payment Methods. Credit Card or Bank Transfer
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Part One Part Two Part Three
I. Who Is Who
How to join our Concept

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People are born with unique finger-prints that recognize each.
Each Company can be recognized by its unique features.


Limited Opportunity

Subject to availability and approval
Register your Company
and ... describe its
Uniqueness in InterConsult21 II.
Part Four
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